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SEAPORT-E Additional Information

JPI has established policies and procedures to include corresponding roles and responsibilities for monitoring the quality and consistency of all client work, work product, and deliverables. Those policies and procedures consist of a Quality Management approach and a Quality Assurance process.

Quality Management provides policies, procedures, and processes required for SEAPORT-E awarded projects to meet their objectives. Quality Management consists of three components:

  • Quality Planning – Identifying quality standards relevant to the project and identifying how to meet them.
  • Quality Assurance – The application of quality methods and tools to ensure the right processes are followed in accordance with project requirements.
  • Quality Control – Monitor project results and assess compliance with quality standards.

Quality Assurance is performed by following a peer review model that requires all deliverables and work products to meet quality thresholds. Deliverables and work products developed by JPI will be provided to a peer review group for review and editing prior to forwarding to the end user. These reviews include both functional reviews to ensure content is technically correct and detailed editorial reviews to ensure grammar, consistency, and cogency of the content.

Ultimately, quality is the responsibility of all JPI personnel. From the project and individual deliverable level, through service or solution offering levels, quality processes and standards are set to ensure quality is delivered, maintained, and that the quality control efforts are utilized across the company. Please provide any feedback on customer satisfaction with the services performed to Mr. Doug Garnett-Deakin at 540-443-9245 or